Thursday, February 26, 2009

Move to Block A-xx-xx,Goodbye Block C..!!

I move in d...
Block A...
so nice...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009







如果想知道更多关于这比赛的详情以及想知道更多关于Serene Music,请游览 快来一起参加这有意义的活动吧。。

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cleaning our room at BLOCK A..

we finally get a room at block A..

actually we plan to move it wan
coz sunday
no class ma..

me,jie ying and Secret go up and make sure the room clean o not
mana tau...
so dirty...
no choice la..
we clean ourselve

me and jie ying clean the room
and Secret clean the bathroom

when we almost done our cleaning
jie ying said we should take a pic
before and after
to compare
cant let u all see how dirty was this room and how clean when after cleaning..

ok la...
we finish at evening..
so we plan to move our stuff on thursday..

Block A...
I'm COMING!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

XQRJ Song Writing GRAND FINAL!!!

15th of Feb
is 11th XQRJ Song Writing GRAND FINAL!!!!


we wake up at 7.30am to prepare our stuff
because after the competition
we straight take bus to go back to KL
because we got class on monday
Zu got exam at 8am somemore...

then we reach at UCC hall at 8am something
then we did sound-check at 9am something

after that we having our breakfast
we having a rest at dressing room...
then do rehearsel at 1pm

during that time
we know lot musician
make lot of new friends
i like 1 of the finalist call "Xiao Ji"
she is a cute girl
and we know her band member
"dai lou"-E C
he can say is our senior coz he oso study Music
is Music student at dunno KDU or KBU (he oso dunno XD)
but now he is a pilot
pretty cool huh...

we have fun there
especially when make up...
so scary..
sSeong look normal for her make up
Zu look very cool for her make up n oso her hairstyle
V'Foong kena cut his hair
Eugene din make up but his hair make become curly d..
scary la...
my hair look normal n stylish
my make up look....
look like a doll...
i quickly change a bit by myself..

then the event start
i listened all the Finalish songs
so nice..
but some song some part is same like other song..

my song...
judgement said that got Penny Tai feel..
so is good or bad??

Finally finish the competition d
although i din get any prize
but i learn lot of stuff
i get and know lot of musician and friends...

i dunno i will join again the comepetition o not on next year...

i will improve myself...

Gambateh ya...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines' Day...

14th of Feb
Valentines' Day

i spend the whole day at Singapore with my friends

we take 10.30am bus and reach at Singapore at 4.30pm
and then reach our hostel like around 6pm
we take our dinner then spend our time in our room

actually we had a sound-check at UCC hall on 8.30pm wan
and we plan after sound-check can go out lepak d
mana tau finalish i/c phone me n told me that de sound-check cancelled
cause there got some technical problem
so have to do sound-check on the next day 9am
which mean the next day we have to wake up early
we tot can sleep cukup cukup wan cause the rehearsel is n 1pm..

so Valentines' day we juz spend our time in our room
Zu,sSeong and V'Foong chatting and gossip
me and Eugene watch movie with my stupid mini super mini laptop (yvonne said wan XD)

that's my valentines' day...
so boring le...

Happy Valentines' Dayz....

Friday, February 13, 2009

BLOCK A!!!!!!

Finally i get a room at block A d...

i get a master room
and share wit jie ying...
and so ngam there got a small room can move in on April
Secret plan to stay with us too...

3 of us will stay together soon..
i'm so excited!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I got it!!!..have internship at Serene Studio..!!

Still remember i have interview at Serene Studio on monday 2/2?

i got it!!!
they hire me...
they let me do internship d...

now gonna start my new liife..
my busy busy life...

thanx for Eugene fetch me there for interview...
luckily i got it..
if not really feel sorry to u...
thanx thanx....^^

i got it d...
hope can learn lot new stuff there...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nervous...cry lot of time..


why why why??
i'm so emotional..

i feel moody
mad very easily
and cry very easily

why why why?

isn't because for the competition at Singapore?
isn't because for school work?
isn't because for the band?
isn't because for my loneliness life??

i need somebody to hug me now...
i miss my family..
thanx mom..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bowling & Pool...Me vs Sceret..

Just come back from Mid-Valley
me n my friends,Ai Jia,Sceret n Xing Xing..XD

we all lepak-ing at Mid-Valley
then we wanted to watch movie
choose choose chosee
then decided to watch BedTime Story
since still got time
i suggested to play bowling

Ai Jia n XingXing dowan to play coz they dun have socks
so juz me n Sceret play la..
i really not a good player
but i WON Sceret!!!!
this is the 1st time i won
i get 81 n she ger 68 i guess

after that we go enjoy our movie...

after finish our movie
Sceret wanted to play Pool
wan 'challenge' me
i din play b4 n dunno how to play
i alwiz play online punya pool wo..
so obviously
Sceret bully me d lu...

1st round i juz masuk 2 ball onli
very malu...>.<
then 2nd round
i let Ai Jia play

since outside our sch there got Pool
we go play n practice then challenge again...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BBQ Party~~

1st of Feb
9.30am i phone J'Ying n wake up her
because she need to fetch me n Sceret to Sunway bought some BBQ stuff...

n then we want to celebrate Karen L birthday
we went to buy birthday cake at Sceret's "shop",Sceret Recipe..XD
actually we plan to buy Black Forest
dunno y
we decide to choose different favour punya piece of cake n combine to bcum a whole cake
we need 12 pieces of cake
9 of them is got Cheese fovour inside
J'Ying scare coz she scare fat..

after that we went to J'Ying house n wait the other to came n prepare for BBQ
so me n Sceret n J'Ying play Ping Pong n Badminton

Yvonne,sSeong,n Karen L came
then we start prepare the food for BBQ

6 of us,GIRLS
dunno how to cook
so we have to GREAT n Funny moment in the kitchen
i heard J'Ying said that
her maid,Kakak told her that Yvonne is very Funny
bcoz she keep screaming cause of J'Ying dog,Lulu
'she' keep chasing us when we walk pass by 'her'

then start our BBQ party n celebrate Karen L Birthday..

after finish
we all cleaning all the stuff
while cleaning
J'Ying n Sceret playing n Sceret fall down n hurt her ass..
n me since afternoon start headache..
very pain...>.<

after cleaning,washing n etc
me,Sceret,sSeong n Yvonne overnight at J'Ying house

the next day morning
we woke up
then gossip gossip
then dunno how
Sceret n J'Ying start their pillow fighting
Yvonne oso aim J'Ying n hit hit hit
sSeong take camera n record
me,i'm juz bystander stand there watch them fighting

i really hope time will stop at that moment
tat's the best day when i in KL...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Recording and Interview at Serene Studio

today i went to Kepong
Serene studio there to do recording for my Competition at Singapore..

while recording..
i learn something there
i see how they mix and bla bla bla..
so pro...
and did very fast..
i think i have to do lot of practice...

after finish recording..
i had an interview for internship in Serene Studio..
i think some of u know about Serene right?
she had some album called "I'm not Serene" and "I'm not A Star"

she ask me lot questions
and i let her read my details
and let her know about my stuff
she told me lot of things
like her experience
and told me about attitude as a traineer

is because her assis,Rab ask me go for interview
and i oso got interested on it
so i juz go try n see
of coz hope i can get it...

good luck to me...^^

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Year 2009...

Chinese New Year...

my class start on Wednesday,28th of Jan
which is the 3rd day of CNY...
so i have to come back on tuesday..

i dunno when i will go back to my hometown again...
mayb will until sem break onli can go back
busy life..
gonna miss my family..

2009 year
is good year for me...
about me on last sem n this sem is totally different

coz i'm look happy n not so EMO like last sem
i'm Happy Girl right now..
n not alone...

1 thing is right..
Happy Happy go Lucky..
when u happy
luck will come n get u..
so bcoz of that
i have a chance to get wat i wan

in sch
thanx to Steph to let me play with different instruments
so that i can learn a lot n oso can improve myself
although i really wanna play drum coz easy for me
n thanx to Eugene n Sceret who lend me e.guitar n bass
thanx lot ya...

after sch
i got friends like Sceret,J,M'Yan n so on
eat together,chat together n so on..
so i feel that i'm not alone anymore..

i got good teacher who teach me Vocal...
then i meet a person call Rab on MSN
which is an Artist call Serene's assistant
he/she ask me to apply intership for Music Industry
n he/she help me to make appointment for interview
so that i no need to send my profile n wait for interview
Thanx lot ya..

n then about competition
i very happy when i know i can get in Final
the competition of Grand Final is on 15th of Feb
i wanna thanx to my friends who helping me out
n hope can get a good result on Grand Final at Singapore...

i love u all
my friends
my family
all of u

Happy Happy Go Lucky...
keep it on..